As BAPCO (Belgian Association of Professional Congress Organizers) full member we fulfil the following criteria

1. Agency has as main activity the management of meetings.

2. Agency runs its activities under a commercial form.

3. Agency takes on the role of coordinator between:


4. Following the requirements of the client, agency's mission includes:

-General coordination of planning, budgeting, supervision and sponsorship if any.
Administrative management incl. registration of delegates and secretariat.
-Operations: on site organisation.

5. Agency's specific tasks and responsibilities are determined with the client prior to the start of the mission.

6. Remuneration of agency is the object of an agreement with the client prior to the start of the mission. Ideally this will be a fixed amount or a fee per capita or a combination of both. Whatever kind of remuneration is used, the agency will give the client full details of his sources of income, especially in case of commissions.

7. Financial management of the event is held in a transparent and "wise" way.

8. Any amount collected in name of the event (registration fees, sponsorships) is done on a specific account with a separate accountancy being held. Copy of the accountancy and bank statements are given to the client on request.

9. Agency always acts in a respectful and loyal manner in its relation with other members and refrains from any unfair competition.

10. At the request of a client, agency accepts to submit any conflict which might arise in the management of a meeting to the arbitration of the "Arbitration Board".

11. Agency commits itself to communicate the complete charter when submitting a tender or offer to a client.
All present BAPCO members have committed themselves to these 11 points by signing this charter. New members will be invited to do the same.